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Prescribing PrEP

Note: On October 1, 2018, Alberta Health started providing full PrEP coverage for eligible Albertans. We are in the process of updating our site to reflect this information. We apologize for any information which if out-of-date and are working quickly to remedy it.

Historically, accessing PrEP in Alberta was very challenging for patients - primarily due to the significant cost of PrEP and the lack of public PrEP coverage. This meant that many individuals had to try to find coverage for PrEP through their private ensurer - with mixed success - or pay out-of-pocket. Recently, however, Alberta Health announced full PrEP coverage for eligible Albertans. Additionally, Non-Insured Health Benefits provides full PrEP coverage for eligible First Nations and Inuit. You can learn more about these coverage options and prescribing requirements here.

However, even with these changes, it can be challenging to know whether PrEP is right for your patient, what prescribing requirements there are, which coverage options your patient qualifies for, and what monitoring and follow-up a patient on PrEP should undergo. Fortunately, this section covers each of these topics. We have based all information on the Canadian PrEP/nPEP and Alberta PrEP guidelines. We have also included links to other resources for additional guidance.

We hope this content is sufficient to meet your needs. If not, however, please feel free to contact us here. Otherwise, take a moment to check out the subsections below:


About PrEP

Assessing for Eligibility

Prescribing and Coverage

Monitoring and Follow-Up

Debunking the Myths