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Everything you need to know about PrEP, whether it's right for you, how to obtain a prescription (and coverage), and what you can expect while you're taking the medication.

Considering Taking PrEP?
Considering Prescribing PrEP?

Everything you need to know about PrEP, assessing patient eligibility, guiding patients through the complex coverage pathway, and conducting necessary monitoring and follow-up


Looking for additional PrEP resources? Want to connect with a local organization about finding a PrEP prescriber in your area? Click here to find resources near you.

About Us

PrEP Alberta was created by the Edmonton Men's Health Collective. To learn more about the EMHC, click here.


PrEP Alberta

Accessing PrEP just got easier
AB PrEP Access Report

In 2016, the EMHC developed and delivered two surveys intended to obtain information about Alberta gay, bisexual, trans, and queer (GBTQ)  men's knowledge of, interest in, eligibility for, and access to, PrEP. The findings highlight some of the key barriers individuals currently face regarding PrEP access in Alberta.

What's New?

Information about PrEP is constantly changing. To keep up to date on the most recent PrEP research and any changes to the way PrEP is accessed or delivered in Alberta, click here.

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