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The Edmonton Men’s Health Collective is a local, grassroots health organization run for and by gay, bisexual, trans and queer (GBTQ) men.


Our vision is for Edmonton GBTQ men to have equitable opportunity to experience positive health and wellbeing.


Our mission is to provide a representative voice that addresses the specific health determinants and needs of GBTQ men through community education, support and capacity building; provider training and professional development; and community based research and advisory.

Core Values

True Representation

We recognize the rich diversity and capacity that exists within our community. We acknowledge the roles that power and privilege play in each of our lives and recognize how they are influenced by one’s sexual orientation, gender identity, race, and various other aspects of a person’s life. In order to truly understand the experiences and needs of GBTQ men within our community, it is essential that the EMHC is reflective of the people it serves. In situations where we are not meeting this standard we will make every tangible effort to do so.

Nothing About Us, Without Us

We support the meaningful involvement of GBTQ men in all efforts related to their health determinants and outcomes. As a collective, we will seek to collaborate with key stakeholders working in GBTQ health, ensuring that the needs and recommendations of the community are communicated and that there are sufficient opportunities for the meaningful contribution of community members.

Focused but Not Blind

We believe that GBTQ men experience a unique set of health outcomes that are driven by factors distinctive to their sexual, gender, and cultural identity and expression. Therefore, in order to effectively address the health determinants and needs of GBTQ men, we believe it is important that our primary focus be serving this community. We are not blind, however, to the health disparities faced by other members and communities across the LGBTQ spectrum. Therefore, we will actively support the development of similar community-led grassroots movements and, where there is opportunity for our work to benefit other groups within the broader LGBTQ community, we will seek to collaborate with relevant stakeholders.

Community Accountable

We are an autonomous, grassroots collective fostering a GBTQ men’s health movement within Edmonton. Our strength and capacity is derived from the community we belong to and serve. To this community, first and foremost, we promise the utmost accountability and transparency.

Evidence Based

At the EMHC, we believe in evidence-based responses to issues related to GBTQ men’s health. Therefore, we will endeavour to integrate the latest and most relevant research available into our work. When possible, our work will also be supplemented by community experience. In cases where evidence is lacking, we will advocate for research that upholds the principles of community-based participatory research; research that benefits, builds capacity within, and collaborates with the community.

Comprehensive Approach

GBTQ men are multi-faceted beings. Therefore, the conversation related to their health and well-being must extend beyond sexual health. At the EMHC, we encourage a comprehensive approach to GBTQ men’s health, inclusive of mental, physical, sexual, and social health. Additionally, we recognize that these facets of health and well-being do not exist in isolation of one another but must be addressed in a way that recognizes their complex interactions within an individual.


The content on this website has been developed by local GBTQ men. Although the EMHC includes various healthcare practitioners and service providers within its membership, we always recommend speaking with a qualified medical professional regarding your health. If you read anything on our website that you question or feel is out of date, please let us know.

Who We Are